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This reading group kit contains materials for the author Fergus Smith, to aid discussion in your book club. Use the links to download guides and jump down to additional reading.

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Additional reading

  • Kazuo Ishiguro
    Kazuo Ishiguro – An artist of the Floating World
  • Cormac McCarthy
    Cormac McCarthy – The Road
  • Tove Jansson
    Tove Jansson – The Summer Book
  • Elizabeth Reeder
    Elizabeth Reeder - Ramshackle
  • Philip Pullman courtesy of the Guardian
    Philip Pullman – His Dark Materials
  • Iain Banks
    Iain Banks – The Wasp Factory
  • Stuart Cloete
    Stuart Cloete – Turning Wheels
  • Colm Tóibin
    Colm Tóibin – The South
  • Stephen Pressfield & Khalil Gibran
    Stephen Pressfield – The War of Art & Kahlil Gibran – The Prophet
  • Louis de Bernieres courtesy of
    Louis de Bernieres – Birds Without Wings
  • Pat Barker, George MacDonald Fraser & Rudyard Kipling
    Pat Barker – Regeneration, George MacDonald Fraser - The Complete McAuslan & Rudyard Kipling – Plain Tales from the Hills
  • JM Coetzee courtesy of Visit Berlin
    JM Coetzee - Disgrace
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The true scale of the impact politics has on modern military operations, from an individual mission to the grand strategy, is one the taboos of recent history. This book breaks that taboo with brutal clarity and should be as thought-provoking as it is enthralling. In many ways, this is a story which has needed telling since Kosovo.

...builds the case for PR, spin and propaganda being every bit as important as firepower in gaining the upper hand in a conflict zone...