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Along the Swift River

The sequel to In the Shadow of the Mountain and Sunrise in the Valley, this novel brilliantly captures how the British soldier fights on despite the lack of political guidance, the impossibility of the war, and the absurdity of a ‘war on terror’ Available to order now.
In the Shadow of the Mountain - by Fergus Smith
In the Shadow of the Mountain


Along the Swift River


Sunshine in the Valley by Fergus Smith
Sunrise in the Valley


Author of two books. East African born, but settled in Yorkshire with his wife Joanne, and a patterdale / collie cross called full bio
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Cuba: insights for a post-Brexit Britain

Cuba: insights for a post-Brexit Britain

I did not vote for Brexit. I thought it an idiotic, retrograde concept that would most hurt the poorest in society, accelerate the dismemberment of the United Kingdom, and lead to  diminution of British influence on the world stage. I craved a validatory referendum. But although I did not vote Conservative in the December election

A moment at the stationery cupboard: a short story
A moment at the stationery cupboard: a short story

“Peter, may I ask your advice?” she said, appearing at his elbow and standing so close he could see how carefully the orange dusting had been applied to her cheek. He pressed his arms to his side. The children called him ‘Stinky Pete’ behind his back, or made laughing reference to Toy Story in his

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On Rotation: a short story
On Rotation: a short story

“It is my daughter’s party tomorrow. I must to buy presents. Or else my wife…” Fabien shrugged. “It is no matter; I will catch up on some reading. There is much I need to do.” Descending in the lift to the ground floor, he pondered the possibilities and opportunities. He could go for a long

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Deep Water: a short story
Deep Water: a short story

We were talking just now about how my neighbour, Jack Montgomery, lost his young son swimming in the river last year. A tragedy it was. His mother never stopped blaming herself for letting him out of her sight, and I don’t want to put anything on her, but you got to do what you must

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Stanley and Livingston
Staying On
Stephen Pressfield
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    The transition to civilian life: personal experience and opinion
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    The Fence
  • Stephen Pressfield & Khalil Gibran
    Stephen Pressfield – The War of Art & Kahlil Gibran – The Prophet
  • Paul Scott courtesy of The Telegraph
    Paul Scott - Staying On

The true scale of the impact politics has on modern military operations, from an individual mission to the grand strategy, is one the taboos of recent history. This book breaks that taboo with brutal clarity and should be as thought-provoking as it is enthralling. In many ways, this is a story which has needed telling since Kosovo.

...builds the case for PR, spin and propaganda being every bit as important as firepower in gaining the upper hand in a conflict zone...

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